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Findit online marketing campaigns can help you improve your online exposure and increase the number of search results on the web. Findit’s complete marketing campaigns include a variety of services from SEO/SRO of your existing website(s) to video production, to press release distribution to content creation and social sharing. All of these services work together to improve your overall reach online; no one service is better than the rest, which is what makes Findit marketing campaigns so unique. Because we tackle your online presence from all directions, your overall business and online exposure improves across the board, not leaving any parts behind. Here is a break down of the services we provide to you to help you improve your online presence.


SEO (search engine optimization) or SRO (search results optimization) are two marketing phrases thrown around a lot by marketing professionals. The short answer to what these two things mean is ensuring your website and data online is ‘optimized’ to what someone will search for in search engines to find you. But it gets more complicated than that. Industry professionals often will have their site optimized using industry jargon, something that someone searching for you likely may not know. Findit will SEO and SRO your entire website, or if you don’t have a website, we can build you a custom website with content that is already SEO friendly so the people looking for you can find you. The first step to improving your online presence is to ensure your site is SEOed to the keywords people will search for in search engines.

Content Creation – Right Now Status Updates

Findit offers in house content creation that is centralized around the goods you have for sale or the services you provide. Content is created on the Findit platform that includes photos, videos from youtube or vimeo, press releases, audio files, and a description. Right now status updates can include all of the following, or simply one sentence of text. Content is written in such a way that it answers the ‘questions’ people ask for in search engines in the form of search queries. “best metal roofer Charleston”, “concrete pool builder Denver NC”, “savannah structural repairs”. These types of phrases are what someone will search in search engines to find you, the provider of the service they need. In the same way your website is SEOed to the keywords someone will use to find you, the content we create will be created in such a way that search engines will match the content on your website and on Findit to the search term queried in search engines.

Video Production

Findit offers video production to highlight the goods or services you provide. We produce videos that are about a minute in length – long enough for consumers to get a great idea of what you provide and for Youtube to index, but short enough to keep their attention. Videos are one of the most shared types of media on the web and are typically more engaging than multiple pages of just text. A picture, or in this case , a video, is worth a thousand words. These videos are published to your website on a videos tab, placed in blogs on your website, and used on Findit in the content we produce for you such as in the status updates referenced above and press releases.

Press Releases

Findit offers what we call social media press release distribution. Within a marketing campaign, clients receive a specific number of press releases that we write in house. These press releases are longer and more in-depth than traditional status updates and are often more formal than a blog or article that might be written by us or published on your website’s blog page. Press releases contain three back links that go to your website or where you want to drive traffic too and can include a photo gallery and an embedded video. We also can publish articles through your Findit account as press releases that you or someone in your business has written. What makes these releases ‘social’ is that we then take these releases which are picked up by other online website, and share them to your social media channels, engaging the audience that already follows you with your latest news.


Blogs, like press releases, are typically more in depth than status updates done on Findit. Blogs are posted directly to your website under a blogs, articles, or news tab. Depending on the theme of your website, featured images can be set or placed directly in the blog as well as a video. Blogs are less formal than press releases and can be written to highlight specific services you offer, interesting facts about your business to consumers, or any other important information that you want to share in an informal manner to your audience. Findit writes blogs as part of online marketing campaigns in your voice, using keyword phrases for SEO purposes, but in an engaging way to interact with your audiences.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a key component to any marketing campaign by any company. Having a great looking website with great content is a great starting point. But if no one knows who you are, how will they know to call you. Having an SEOed website is also important, which is why it is a starting point for us at Findit when we begin to work with you. The work we do can only be successful if your website is also set up for success. However, even with a great looking website that is SEOed correctly, you don’t want to be sitting around waiting for someone to find your website. Findit shares all content throughout your social media profiles and ours. From LinkedIn to Facebook to Pinterest, to Twitter – whatever your social sites are that you want us to share through that also allow sharing – we will share to. We push your content where your existing readers already are to engage your existing audiences. Moreover, as your content gets shared, others can continue to share that content, exponentially increasing the amount of people that come across your information.

To recap – Findit social media marketing campaigns offer complete coverage of your business or brand online. All the components of our marketing campaigns work together to achieve a common goal – getting you more exposure online to attract new business to the goods or services you provide. Marketing campaigns can be set up quickly, sometimes even in the same business day and are based on your budget and goals. The higher your budget is, the more content that is created, the faster you will see indexing results. And, all content on Findit that is created by our team is yours to keep and remains online even if you choose to end your campaign with us. Get in touch today to get started by calling 404-443-3224.