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Status updates on Findit are posts used to describe the goods and services that you provide to potential consumers and be engaging. Each status update can contain text, pictures, a video link, an audio file, a press release, and can be scheduled into the future, backdated, or posted immediately. Each content vertical serves a unique purpose in these posts to capture the attention of your intended audiences.


The text section is where Findit’s team of content managers are able to detail the goods or services you provide while also utilizing SEO principles. In the same way your website is SEOed, each status update is worded in a specific manner for search engines. Based on the goods and services that you provide, in specific locations, status updates are written specifically for keywords that you are wanting to go after. The text of your status updates are what search engines see when they crawl and index your content and they will match up typically the first 80 characters of a status update as the search phrase in search engines.


Everyone loves to see and share photos. Like videos, videos are often the most shared type of content on social media – sites like Pinterest and Instagram thrive off of picture and video content. On Findit, you are able to have photo galleries that also index in search engines. This is especially useful for companies that offer goods or services. Photos of food that you sell, houses that you remodel, pools that you build and so on can be highlighted in your photo gallery. As part of your online marketing campaign, Findit will set up photo galleries on your behalf including photos from your job-sites or your goods or services or get stock images that align with those goods or services. Every picture can be given a title or description; these photos can also be indexed in search under images. Oftentimes, images will display in the search results, too.


Videos are very important for your brand or business and where they are posted is important, too. YouTube is owned by Google and consumers doing searches in Google will often see video results in the search results. Findit includes a place within status updates to link to a video on Youtube or Vimeo. Not only does this give search engines more to index, but it creates a more visually appealing and engaging status update, too. Findit does offer video production to clients that are about a minute in length – long enough for consumers to get a great idea of what you provide and for Youtube to index, but short enough to keep their attention. This content vertical is just one more way to describe the goods or services you provide and engage with your audience. Having your content in more places helps you reach a wider audience. 


The link field available in status updates is a vital component to each post. Every status update on Findit can also contain a link to where you want to drive traffic to. This link can also have the title and description of the link edited, so that you can change the titles of the pages you are linking to for additional indexing. All content on Findit can be crawled and indexed and having a link gives more information to both search engines and viewers of your content.

Audio File:

Posts on Findit can also include audio files. These could be podcasts from general contractors talking about the importance of kitchen renovations or pool builders discussing the advantages of concrete over vinyl liner pools.  Audio files can be uploaded to your Findit Profile and then pulled into each post that you create or we create on your behalf.

Press Release:

As part of your online marketing campaign, our team of in house writers will write press releases that are about your brand and business and the goods and services you provide. Press releases post to Findit through Findit News and can contain text, weblinks in the text, a video, and a photo gallery. These press releases can then be pulled into relevant status updates. For example, a press release might be on kitchen renovations that you offer and all that a kitchen renovation entails. We can then use this press release in a status update that is about getting kitchen renovations completed. The status update then contains further information for search engines to index and provides more content for viewers.


Findit posts can be scheduled into the future, posted immediately or backdated. This enables us to ensure your content is coming out at all times of the day and night. It is also especially useful if you are highlighting an event at a certain time and place so that content can come out at the time of the event to reach readers online.